STYRO CUT 500-polistiren

What is Styro Cut 500?                      

Styro Cut 500 is a professional mill for styropor waste which allows adjustment of the size of output granulate.

The innovation has won several awards at home and abroad (Brussels – Eureka, Nueremberg – Iena).


Who are its intended users?

  • companies involved in recycling styropor waste;
  • construction contractors applying styropor as thermal and acoustic insulation material;
  • shops dealing with large volumes of styropor packaging;
  • plant nurseries applying styropor as a soil-loosening additive;
  • all other users regularly dealing with large volumes of styropor waste or applying styropor granulate for different purposes (packaging, etc.).

In addition to its main function, milling styropor, what are the features of Styro Cut 500?

  • transport of output material up to a height of 10 m;
  • transfer of output material from one transport sack to another, to a silo, etc.;
  • following operation, the work area can be cleaned by means of a special implement.

What do we offer? 

  • Styro Cut 500 as a standalone unit, with manual feeding of styropor;
  • Styro Cut 500 as a component of a milling line, which provides, besides the functions listed above, also feeding and transport by means of conveyors and preliminary milling by means of a coarse shredder.

Styro Cut 500 specifications

Dimensions (dxbxh) 850 x 1000 x 2100 mm
Turbine electric motor: 11 kW/2900 min – 1, 380 V
Weight: approx. 450 kg
Mililng capacity: 10–55 m3/h
GGranulat size 3–50 mm


 Styrocut 500
  • Mlin za stiropor
  • Mill for styopor
  • Muhle zum mahlen
  • des styropors  

stroj za mletje stiroporja

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Mletje stiroporja-polystyren

Mlin za odpadni stiropor

Mill for styropor

Mühle zum mahlen des styropors


Filter-filter unit

Sesalno filtrirna enota


Suction filterig-unit




Filtrirna tehnika


Filter technology


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